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 Free Telescope and Mount Manuals

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PostSubject: Free Telescope and Mount Manuals   Thu May 14, 2009 2:57 am

Hi Astro Friends,

The Manual Museum is an awesome "FREE" resource that is collecting, formatting and storing manuals in PDF format and giving them away for free, check out the site at:

We can all help by sending copies of different telescopes and mounts, in PDF format to scan each page using PDF format, that way it will come out looking exactly the same as your real world copy. This will help put these valuable and especially older manuals that are no longer in print, available to hobbyists of not only today but especially the future.

Let's get behind this worthwhile venture, before itís too late and they are lost forever. Even send the latest manuals, because itís funny how quickly what was in vogue yesterday is soon todayís fish and chips wrapper.

Thanks for reading and helping them out.
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Free Telescope and Mount Manuals
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